Thursday, November 10, 2016

Study for large Humboldt painting

"Humboldt County"
oil on panel
tryptich each panel 12x24 inches
overall 24x36 inches

This is the study for a current commission i'm working on. This is a three panel, oil on wood, modello made to be both a study and a finished piece unto itself. The idea is to recreate an idealized version of the coast, rivers, and redwoods of Northern California.  The large version is painted on three 2x5 foot stretched canvases and will be hung on the incline of a staircase. Truly, my favorite type of project to work on!

left panel detail

river detail

redwood with ferns

How I keep the panels together while painting
the large painting in progress

Framed, varnished, and ready to hang!

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