Thursday, September 7, 2017

Paintings/ Website

Here are a few paintings and be sure to check out my website,

"Sweet Pea, and Nasturtium"
oil on linen
12x16 inches

"Nasturtium and Poppies"
oil on linen
12x16 inches

"Nasturtium Poppies, and Larkspur"
oil on canvas
15x30 inches

"Eaton Canyon Falls"
oil on linen
9x12 inches

"Canyon View"
oil on canvas
16x20 inches

Friday, March 10, 2017

Manzanita Studio

I was given this amazing opportunity to show and work in Silverlake at the studio of artist Peter Liashkov.  My good friend Chuck Hohng made this opportunity possible so a huge thanks goes out to him!

setting up

Inspired by the location and my love for printmaking  I made a couple new plates and prints, and displayed old college prints! Lisa played viola!

The garden looks out onto views of griffith park!

new mixed media!

 of course this orange tree was just asking to be painted!

LA ART Show 2017

We then moved over to the convention center to install at the La Art show!

painting transport!

alot of galleries have big box trucks, we use my tacoma!

light rain!

  scenes from the inside!

our booth!

this guy chainsawed couches and pianos, kinda lame!

these sculptures however, were amazing!

My Piece "Mourning/Light" which i ended up selling to a collector in San Diego.

I could have never done it without Lisa!

Photos from Jill Joy Gallery

here are a few behind the scenes photos from January's show!

This was an amazing bouquet given by a guest,
the drawing ended up i'm my floral show the following month!

the bosses

stacks of paintings!

best part is laying out the show!

Lights On!

gallery assistant

and the show comes down!