Friday, December 11, 2015

Construction of the Wilshire Grand... Part1

after the first painting session

This is the first part of a triptych, to be completed late 2016/early2017 documenting the construction of the Wilshire Grand, soon to be the tallest building on the west coast! This has been the most difficult project I have ever conceived! Stay tuned for the second part to be completed early next year!

"Construction of the Wilshire Grand Part 1"
oil on canvas
18x34 inches


"persimmon study"
oil on canvas
8x10 inches

There is a beautiful tree in our neighborhood. As autumn began Lisa and I noticed the tree heavy with ripe persimmons and golden leaves. Chiding each other we joked about who would grab a branch for me to paint! One evening I came home to the most beautiful spray of fruit possible sitting on our living room table. I immediately sat down and painted a quick color study while thinking about the canvases I had available for larger paintings! The fruit stayed ripe long enough for me to complete two finished paintings, taking the remaining persimmons to thanksgiving dinner where we made a spicy habanero chutney!

"Persimmons #1"
oil on canvas
22x34 inches

"Persimmons #2"
oil on canvas
30x40 inches

And here they are seen side by side! Im really looking forward to varnishing these in 2016!


This is the newest mixed media piece, which I am very excited about. I plan on completing a series of 6 similar pieces for 2016!

mixed media on paper
36x60 inches