Monday, July 25, 2016

Painting At Santa Monica!

I spent a recent morning painting in Santa Monica. This is one of my favorite spots for plein air in LA. If you get there before ten there is nice grass, ample parking, restrooms, and most importantly, a great view! This piece was painted as a replacement for one donated to charity last fall!
Calvin and I set up in the grass!

Lacey loving life!

All finished, and packed.

detail with surfers

detail with pier

the finished piece.
"Santa Monica Pier"
10x30 inches
oil on canvas

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

200th post!

Well this is my 200th post and in honor of my plein air background I thought a recent painting expedition would be fitting! Here is to 200 more!


our setup!

halfway there

adding power lines

the finished painting. 
oil on canvas

Student Work!

Here are a few of my students pieces hanging at Gallery CLU! I am so proud of their hard work!
Copy after Michelangelo on the left, and a Measured drawing on the right!
Both graphite on paper.

The same student that did the Michelangelo copy, his first painting!
Acrylic on canvas

Both concepts developed by the student. 
left colored pencil and graphite on paper, right watercolor on vintage paper.

New Paintings

Here are a few recent paintings!
"Kabaka SNWMF 2016"
oil on canvas

oil on canvas

"Macarthur Park"
oil on canvas

"Dried Roses"
oil on linen


toned background

"Canterbury Bells"
oil on panel

Quince pt. 2

Here are the two Quince Blossoms side by side!

Quince blossom #1, Quince Blossom #2
oil on canvas

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sign painting in Glendale!

I did this project for a restaurant in glendale called "Central Cafe" the owner actually saw me when i was plein air painting in LA, and asked if I could do the project.
chalked in the outlines

hand lettering the text

genuine organic!

I drew the border and hand cut the stencil!

The project tok me just under a full day!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

New Paintings part 2

Here are some recent still lifes and florals.

"bougainvillea study"
oil on canvas

"Still life with tangerines, lemons, and bougainvillea"
oil on panel
12x12 inches

"still ice with fig, sweet peas, and daisies"
oil on canvas 
8x10 inches

"nasturtium, sweetpeas, and coriander"
oil on paper
9x12 inches

New Paintings part 1

Here are a few plein air paintings from 2016.

"Venice Beach Pier"
oil on panel
4x12 inches

Painting in echo park on easter sunday!

wet panel carrier.
"water lilies"
oil on linen
9x12 inches

set up on Wilshire blvd.

"Westlake Theatre"
oil on panel
12x12 inches
underpainting "view from barnsdall park"

detail "view from barnsdall park"

"view from barnsdall park"
oil on panel
12x12 inches

Studio Pics

I thought it would be fun to share a few pictures from my "studio" which is currently just a corner in my kitchen!

Wall of stacked paintings.

The large studio paint box, where you will find mostly Gamblin, Charvin, Old Holland, Williamsburg, and Vasari oil paints.

I feel like a chemist mixing up the varnish.

Stretching linen.

All finished.

Easel in the living room!


The backyard studio wall! I built it nice and large, 8x8 feet, to be able to fit the mixed media pieces on and have a vertical working surface for the finishing stages.

The newest palette additions, straight from NYC!