Friday, July 31, 2015

Pictures from the show

Here are some photos from the show, Special thanks to Stephen Berkman, highly accomplished photographer and friend, for taking these snapshots.
My Wonderful Mother and I!

Awesome people, My Mother, good friend and artist Walter Martinez, Stephen Berkman, and the awesome Janine.

My Love Lisa with a beautiful Viola performance.


My awesome boss, gallery owner, and artist Ellie Bae, with Lisas Aunt Kathy Kim, now patron, thank you Kathy!

the crowd hanging out

Talking to walter and Curator, Chuck Hohng. Thank you Chuck for all the hard work you put into the show!

Chatting with my good friend Gabriel Haas, who drove down from the Bay Area to see the show and hang out in LA!

The show was a great success, thanks to all the people who came out to support! Special thank you to those who purchased work! Until next time, back to the easel!


  1. Hi Yuma! Kyle's mum Cynthia here. Wish I had known about your show. So sorry that I missed it. Let me know the best way to be in the loop for future opportunities to see your work. Great to see these pics and to see you and Gabe. Best of luck to you!

  2. Cynthia!
    Greetings, blessings, and warmth! It is so nice to hear from you, Give thanks for your kind words. For updates about art shows and art please check this space as well as my instagram: @yumapaints . Hope to connect soon! -Yuma