Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Today is the last day of 2013. Its been a great year full of art, music, friendships and family! Highlights include The Umpqua show at the Upstairs Art Gallery which truly pushed my painting and professionalism to a new level.  Showing at Natural Selections on the Arcata Plaza, which was a dream come true to be in such a great location. Having A few paintings hung backstage at Reggae on the River, and seeing so much amazing music there with Lisa! Jah Shaka at Sierra Nevada Music Festival. Getting to spend time with my family was a true blessing, and meeting Lisa's family was an honor! Being around kids and young ones makes us realize who is really important in this world, the youth! Museum hopping in LA was also a real treat for an aspiring artist, as was seeing life in another city. Sundays were also a true highlight for me, linking up with so many people who share a vibration of peace and love, be sure to check my other blog, reggae church.blogspot.com , to see some of my other works!

With that I would like to wish everyone a strong and prosperous 2014.
One peace and love til we understand

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