Friday, July 12, 2013

Arts Arcata preview!

Here is a little preview for all those who check the blog and cant make it to the show tonight!

Paintings in my truck ready to be hung!

Artist Statement

These paintings were painted in the late winter, spring, and early summer of this year. The natural beauty of the earth keeps me busy balancing multiple artistic endeavors with a constant yearning to paint on location in the outdoors! As varied as my output may be I am constantly painting landscapes en plein air, an act that is artistic beyond a mere aesthetic presence. Many landscapes contain some trace of human activity or interaction, certainly regarding areas where land meets water, documenting or not documenting these interactions is just one area where representational work becomes thematic. I hope to continue learning and painting always finding a balance between different forms of artistic expression.

I would like to thank everyone who made this show possible including Lisa, all of my friends, family, and of course all the people who have and continue to support my artwork through the years. Special thanks to Chad Hatfield, of WoodLab Designs, who custom framed the whole show! I am excited and grateful at the opportunity to share these paintings with the community, look out for more paintings soon to come!

Yuma Lynch
Arcata CA
July 2013

1. "Trinidad Pier 1"

2."Trinidad Pier 2"

3."Trinidad Head 1"

4. "Trinidad Head 2"

5. "Coastline 1"

6. "Coastline 2"

7. "Pewetole 1"

8. "Pewetole 2"

9. "Camel Rock 1"

10.  "Camel Rock 2"

11.  "Camel Rock Fog"

12. "Mad River"

13. "Trinity River"

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